ImageEn, unit iemview




property PlaySpeed: Double;


Allows the playback speed of multiframe files (when Playing is enabled) to be decreased or increased.
The default playback speed is set for each frame by its ImageDelayTime time. To adjust the playback speed of all frames, you can set PlaySpeed, e.g. setting it to 2.0 will double playback speed (each frame will show half as long), whereas setting it to 0.5 will slow playback speed.

Note: ImageDelayTime is a property of the image (set each time an image is loaded), whereas PlaySpeed is a property of TImageEnMView and remains as you have set it even when reloading

Default: 1


// Make each frame show for 1 second
ImageEnMView1.PlaySpeed := ImageEnMView1.ImageDelayTime[0] / 1000;
ImageEnMView1.Playing := True;

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