ImageEn, unit iemview




property PopupMenus: TIEMPopupModes;


Enables automatically generated popup menus.
TImageEnMView uses different popup menus when you right-click on a thumbnail, or click on the control background (i.e. not on a thumbnail).

This property is only used if a custom popup menu has not been specified for TImageEnMView.PopupMenu.
With TImageEnFolderMView, this option is also not used if PopupMenuUseSystem = True.

The following popup menus are available for TImageEnMView and its descendents:
- TImageEnMView, right-click the background: MViewDefaultPopupMenu
- TImageEnMView, right-click a thumbnail: MViewSelectionPopupMenu
- TImageEnFolderMView, right-click the background: FolderMViewDefaultPopupMenu
- TImageEnFolderMView, right-click a thumbnail: FolderMViewSelectionPopupMenu
- TImageEnLayerMView, right-click the background: LayerMViewDefaultPopupMenu
- TImageEnLayerMView, right-click a thumbnail: LayerMViewSelectionPopupMenu

TImageEnMView Default: [] (No automatic popup menu)
TImageEnFolderMView Default: [] (No automatic popup menu)
TImageEnLayerMView Default: [impDefault, impSelection]

Note: To remove a custom popup menu and use those specified by PopupMenus, set: ImageEnMView1.PopupMenu := nil;


Demo  Demos\Multi\FolderMView\FolderMView.dpr
Demo  Demos\Layers\Layers_AllTypes\Layers.dpr


// Display popup menu only when right-clicking a thumbnail
ImageEnMView1.PopupMenus := [ impSelection ];

// Display same popup menu when right-clicking on thumbnail or outside thumbnail area
ImageEnMView1.PopupMenus := [ impDefault ];

// Show different popup menus whether right-clicking on thumbnail or outside thumbnail area
ImageEnMView1.PopupMenus := [ impDefault, impSelection ];

// Do not show built-in popup menus
ImageEnMView1.PopupMenus := [];