ImageEn, unit iemview




function RemoveBlankPages(Tolerance: Double = 0.0; Complete: boolean = true; LeftToRight: boolean = true): Integer;


Locate images in the TImageEnMView of a single color (i.e. blank images) and remove them.

Parameter Description
Tolerance Determines how tolerant to be in checking color variance (in the range 0.0 to 1.0). For example, if tolerance is 0.1 then 10% of pixels can be of different color and the image would still be considered "blank"
Complete If true all images are checked. Otherwise the check stops once the first non blank image has been found and removed.
LeftToRight If true the scan starts at the first image and proceeds to the last (otherwise it proceeds in reverse order)

Returns the number of removed pages.

- Does not call OnDestroyImage
- Cannot be used if a TIEDBMultiBitmap is attached to the control


// Remove last blank pages
ImageEnMView1.RemoveBlankPages( 0.0, False, False );

// Remove any pages that are 95% blank
ImageEnMView1.RemoveBlankPages( 0.05 );