ImageEn, unit iesettings



TImageEnModules = set of (

    // ImageEnView

    // IEIncludeIEVect
    // Support for TImageEnVect: Legacy component for creating vectorial objects

    // IEIntegrateIEVect
    // Includes the TImageEnVect component, but it is not integrated into other components

    // IEIncludeMultiView
    // Support for multi-column/thumbnail view components: TImageEnMIO, TImageEnMView, TImageEnFolderMView, TImageEnLayerMView

    // IEIncludeFolderMView
    // Support for TImageEnFolderMView. Requires IEIncludeMultiView

    // IEIncludeMViewAnimation
    // Support for Horizontal and Circular Flow animation in TImageEnMView

    // IEIncludeShellComponents
    // Support for TIEFolderTree, TIEFileListBox, TIEOpenFolderDialog and TIEFolderWatch

    // IEIncludeLayers
    // Support shape, text and line and angle layers in TImageEnView

    // IEIncludeLayerProps
    // Include support for TIELayerProps

    // IEIncludeInteractiveTools
    // Include support for Interactive Image Editing of TImageEnView:

    // IEIncludePdfViewer
    // Include support for PDF loading and manipulation in TImageEnView

    // IEIncludeAcquisition
    // Support acquisition via WIA, Twain and portable devices

    // IEIncludeWPD
    // Support acquisition via Windows Portable Device API

    // IEIncludeDB
    // Support for database classes and components: TIEDBBitmap, TIEDBMultiBitmap, TImageEnDBVect and TImageEnDBView

    // IEIncludeDialogIP
    // Support for the image processing dialog (Image effects and color adjustment)

    // IEIncludeOpenSaveDialogs
    // Support for Open/Save dialogs. If undefined, standard Windows Open/Save dialogs are used

    // IEIncludeDialogIO
    // Support for the input/output dialog

    // IEIncludePrinting
    // Support for image printing

    // IEIncludePrintDialogs
    // Support for print dialogs

    // IEIncludeWIC
    // WIC - Windows Imaging Component support

    // IEIncludeDirectShow
    // DirectShow support

    // IEIncludeMMF
    // Media Foundation support

    // IEIncludeCMS
    // Includes Color Management System (LCMS)

    // IEIncludeTransitionEffects
    // Allows TImageEnView and TImageEnMView to display effects when transition from one image to the next

    // IEIncludeExtraTransitionEffects
    // Adds a further 150 transition effects

    // IEIncludePresetImages
    // Include preset images (used to add special border effects in TImageEnMView)

    // IERegisterQR
    // register QuickReport ImageEn components

    // IEUseBufferedStream
    // Use TIEBufferedReadStream instead of TStream to read files

    // IEIncludeNeuralNet
    // Include TIENeurNet class

    // IEIncludeResourceExtractor
    // Support for TIEResourceExtractor class

    // IEIncludeImagingAnnot
    // Support for TIEImagingAnnot (and related services)

    // IEIncludeImageEnAnnot
    // Support for TIEImageEnAnnot (and related services)

    // IEIncludeTIFFHandler
    // Support for TIETIFFHandler (and related services)

    // IEIncludeFFT
    // Support for FFT processing

    // IEIncludeRFBProtocol
    // Support for RFB (VNC client) protocol

    // IEUseGDIPlus
    // Use GDI+ for many internal functions to improve functionality and quality of canvas operations

    // IEIncludeSlippyMap
    // Support for TIESlippyMap

    // IEEnableShellThumbnails
    // Retrieve thumbnails for video files from Windows Explorer in TImageEnMView

    // IEIncludeActions
    // Include a set of ImageEn TAction descendents for rapid UI development

    // IEIncludeEquirectangularRenderer
    // Include TIEEquirectangularRenderer

    // IEIncludeHashing
    // Support Hashing. Use of Microsoft Cryptography to support hashing, such as MD5

    // IEEnableVFW
    // Use VFW functionality in ImageEn for direct drawing and AVI support. Undefining this will undefine IEIncludeAVI

    // IESupportRichText
    // Allow Rich Text (RTF) formatted text layers in TImageEnView

    // IERichEditObjectSupport
    // Support for insertion of images and other objects in TIERichEdit

    // IERichEditFindAndReplace
    // Support for Find and Replace dialogs in TIERichEdit

    // IEIncludeToolbars
    // Support for ImageEn toolbars and built-in popup menus, including popup toolbars for TIERichEdit and TIETextLayer

    // IEIncludePopups
    // Support for ImageEn built-in popup menus

    // IEIncludeExtraControls
    // Include support for THistogramBox, TIEGradientBar, THSVBox, TRulerBox, TIEColorPalette, TIEColorCurve

    // IESupportTGraphic
    // Supports the VCL TGraphic and TIcon classes

    // IECanRegisterTPictureFormats
    // ImageEn Formats can be registered as graphic formats for use by TImage/TPicture

    // IEIncludePenSupport
    // Support use of a tablet/pen to enable pressure sensitive painting, and support TImageEnView.OnPointer/OnPointerEx events

    // IEIncludeRawFormats
    // Include support for Camera Raw formats

    // IEIncludeDICOM
    // Support for DICOM file format

    // IEIncludeIEN
    // Support for ImageEn native format, IEN (image with layers)

    // IEIncludeMetaFiles
    // Support for Windows metafiles

    // IEIncludeICOSaving
    // Support for ICO writing

    // IEIncludeSVGSaving
    // Support for SVG writing

    // IEIncludePSD
    // Support for PSD file format

    // IEIncludeZLIB
    // ZLib support (required by some formats, such as PNG)

    // IEIncludeAVI
    // Include support for AVI

    // IEIncludeMiscPlugins
    // Misc plugins support (iemiscplugins unit, TIEMiscPluginsImageMagick class, etc..)

    // IEIncludeNativeJPEG
    // Include ImageEn's native JPEG loading code which will be used if an ImageEn DLL is not available

    // IEIncludePNG
    // Include support for PNG

    // IEIncludeNativePNG
    // Include ImageEn's native PNG loading code which will be used if an ImageEn DLL is not available

    // IEIncludeJPEG2000
    // Include support for Jpeg2000

    // IEIncludeNativeJPEG2000
    // Include ImageEn's native JPEG2000 loading code which will be used if an ImageEn DLL is not available

    // IEIncludePDF
    // Support for PDF file format

    // IETwainTaskWindows
    // Enhance Twain compatibility

    // IERegisterTPictureFormats
    // Automatically register ImageEn file formats in the VCL

    // IECheckIELibVersion
    // Read IELib.DLL version to ensure it is valid for this release

    // IETIFFAdditionalChannelIsAlphaChannel
    // Fourth channel in TIFF images can be intepreted as alpha channel or not

    // IEUseFileDialogClass
    // Whether ImageEn uses the VCL TFileOpenDialog class, rather than TOpenDialog for open/save dialogs

    // IEMViewOptimizePainting
    // Improves performance of TImageEnMView by limiting painting regions

    // IEIncludeMetaListView
    // Include support for TIEMetaListView