ImageEn, unit imageenproc




procedure GetRedoInfo(const index: Integer; Out RedoSource : TIEUndoSource; out RedoOperation: Integer);


Return detail on the Redo located at Index.
Parameter Description
Index Record Index, i.e. Index = 0: Last saved Redo, 1: Second to last saved Redo, 2... up to RedoCount - 1
RedoSource The source of the redo
RedoOperation The editing operation that was performed
RedoCaption The caption for the operation (same as RedoCaptions
RedoIndex If the TImageEnProc is connected to a TImageEnView, the modified layer index is returned. If connected to a TImageEnMView, the image index is returned

Compatibility Information

TImageEnProc.GetRedoInfo replaces the older TImageEnProc.RedoPeekAt. Code such as:
Src := ImageEnView1.Proc.RedoPeekAt( idx );

Should be replaced with:
ImageEnView1.Proc.GetRedoInfo( ImageEnView1.Proc.RedoCount - 1 - idx, Src, iOp );

See Also

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