ImageEn, unit imageenproc




procedure RedoAt(Position: Integer; AutoUndo: Boolean = False);


Replaces the current image with the image at Position in the redo stack.

Parameter Description
Position Redo index to restore: 0 = last saved redo, 1 = second to last saved redo, 2... up to RedoCount - 1
AutoUndo Set to true for automatic undo support. Saves the current state (before redo) to the undo stack (i.e. SaveUndo is called) and removes this and prior entries from the Redo stack


Demo  Demos\ImageEditing\UndoRedo\UndoRedo.dpr


// Redo the last item (same as calling ImageEnView1.Proc.Redo)
ImageEnView1.Proc.RedoAt( 0, True );

// Redo All
ImageEnView1.Proc.RedoAt( ImageEnView1.Proc.RedoCount, True );

Compatibility Information

In v6.2.1 and older versions, the AutoUndo parameter was unavailable. Set to False to maintain v6.2.1 functionality

See Also

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