ImageEn, unit ievect




property ObjBitmapAlpha[hobj: integer]: TIEBitmap;


ObjBitmapAlpha contains the alpha channel of the specified object (which must be a iekBitmap object).

You can obtain the same value using ObjBitmap[hobj].AlphaChannel.

hobj is the ID of the object. You can also specify IEV_NEXT_INSERTED_OBJECT (-1) which refers to the next object to be inserted or IEV_PREVIOUS_INSERTED_OBJECT (-2) for the last object inserted.

Transition Information

If you are transitioning your code to TImageEnView Layers, instead of ObjBitmapAlpha, use: TIEImageLayer.Bitmap, e.g. TIEImageLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer ).Bitmap.AlphaChannel...

Note: TIELayer.Bitmap is a TIEBitmap