ImageEn, unit ievect




property ObjKind[hobj: integer]: TIEVObjectKind;


ObjKind is the type (line, ellipse...) of object hobj.

hobj is the ID of the object. You can also specify IEV_NEXT_INSERTED_OBJECT (-1) which refers to the next object to be inserted or IEV_PREVIOUS_INSERTED_OBJECT (-2) for the last object inserted.


// Load an image from file and add as an object
aBitmap := TIEBitmap.Create;
  aBitmap.Read( 'd:\002.png' );
  hObj := ImageEnVect1.AddNewObject();
  ImageEnVect1.ObjKind[ hObj ] := iekBITMAP;
  ImageEnVect1.ObjBitmap[ hObj ] := aBitmap;
  ImageEnVect1.SetObjRect( hobj, Rect( 100, 100, 200, 200 ), True );

Transition Information

If you are transitioning your code to TImageEnView Layers, instead of ObjKind, use: TIELayer.Kind. Layer and object equivalents are as follows:
TImageEnVect TImageEnView Equivalent More Information
iekLINE TIELineLayer TIELineLayer
iekBOX TIEShapeLayer with Shape set to iesRectangle TIEShapeLayer
iekELLIPSE TIEShapeLayer with Shape set to iesEllipse TIEShapeLayer
iekARC TIELineLayer with Curve set, or TIEPolylineLayer with Arc overload of SetPoints TIELineLayer, TIEPolylineLayer
iekBITMAP TIEImageLayer TIEImageLayer
iekTEXT TIETextLayer with WordWrap set to False TIETextLayer
iekRULER TIELineLayer with RulerMode set to iermLabel TIELineLayer
iekPOLYLINE TIEPolylineLayer TIEPolylineLayer
iekANGLE TIEAngleLayer TIEAngleLayer
iekMEMO TIETextLayer TIETextLayer
iekLINELABEL TIELineLayer with LabelPosition (e.g. ielpAtStart) and LabelText set TIELineLayer