ImageEn, unit ievect




property ObjMemoHasBitmap[hobj: integer]: boolean;


When true, the memo object has a background image.
You can set the bitmap using ObjBitmap, ObjSetTBitmap, SetObjBitmapICO and SetObjBitmapFromFile methods.
The ObjBrushStyle must be bsClear and fonts must not have filled background.

hobj is the ID of the object. You can also specify IEV_NEXT_INSERTED_OBJECT (-1) which refers to the next object to be inserted or IEV_PREVIOUS_INSERTED_OBJECT (-2) for the last object inserted.

Transition Information

There is no TImageEnView Layer equivalent of ObjMemoHasBitmap. Instead you can place a TIEImageLayer behind, set FillColor to clNone and group the two layers.