ImageEn, unit ievect




property ObjUserDataLength[hobj: integer]: integer;


Applications can store custom data using ObjUserData. ObjUserData contains a pointer to a user buffer with a length specified by TImageEnVect.ObjUserDataLength.
hobj is the ID of the object. You can also specify IEV_NEXT_INSERTED_OBJECT (-1) which refers to the next object to be inserted or IEV_PREVIOUS_INSERTED_OBJECT (-2) for the last object inserted.

Note: The loading, saving and clipboard methods save this field by allocating a buffer when needed. When the object is destroyed the memory used by ObjUserData will be freed (if it has not been reset to nil).\

Transition Information

If you are transitioning your code to TImageEnView Layers, instead of ObjUserDataLength, use: TIELayer.UserDataLen

ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer.UserDataLen := ...;