ImageEn, unit ievect




procedure SetObjBackTo(hobj: integer; refobj: integer);


SetObjBackTo visually moves object hobj behind refobj. That is, refobj will appear to be in front of hobj.

If refobj is -1, SetObjBackTo visually moves hobj behind all objects.
If refobj is -2, SetObjFrontOf moves the object in behind the one under it.

IEV_ALL_SELECTED_OBJECTS can be specified for hobj to refer to all objects that are currently selected.


obj1 := AddNewObject();
obj2 := AddNewObject();   // obj2 is over obj1
ImageEnVect1.SetObjFrontOf( obj1, obj2 );   // obj1 is over obj2

ImageEnVect1.SetObjBackTo( obj1, obj2 );   // now obj2 is over obj1

// Moves obj1 in front of all objects
ImageEnVect1.SetObjFrontOf(obj1, -1);

// Moves obj1 behind all other objects
ImageEnVect1.SetObjBackTo(obj1, -1);

Transition Information

If you are transitioning your code to TImageEnView Layers, instead of SetObjBackTo, use: TImageEnView.LayersArrange