ImageEn, unit imageenview




property Background: TColor;


Specifies the background color, which is shown in the unoccupied area of the window (when the current image is smaller than the ImageEnView).
This color is used also in geometric processing (such as rotation) to fill blank areas.

 If an image has been loaded, you won't see the background color when the image fully overlaps the background. To force display of the background, reset the image using Clear
 If a standard color, such as clBtnFace is used, it may be overridden by VCL theming colors. Set EnableTheming to false to prevent this
 By default, Background fills the entire control. Alternatively, you can specify a color for the non-image area, and background will only fill the image area

Default: clBtnFace


// Rotate of 30 degrees and fill blank spaces with clBlack color
ImageEnView1.Background := clBlack;
ImageEnView1.Proc.Rotate(30, False);

// White and gray chessboard background for image, and clBtnFace outside the image
ImageEnView1.BackgroundOuter  := clBtnFace;
ImageEnView1.BackgroundStyle  := iebsChessboard;
ImageEnView1.Background       := clWhite;
ImageEnView1.BackgroundColor2 := clSilver;

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