ImageEn, unit imageenview




property DisplayGridKind: TIEGridKind;


Enables the display of helper lines over the image.
Item Description Drawn Over
iedgNone No guide lines are shown -
iedgPixelGrid A grid is shown marking each pixel when the image is zoomed in (e.g. for pixel editing in an image editor) Layer 0 or DisplayGridLyr
iedgGuideLines Guide lines are shown horizontally and vertically over the image (e.g. to help align objects when rotating). Layout is determined by GuidelineCount Background (Layer 0)
iedgRulerGuides Guide lines are shown horizontally and vertically over the image in line with label ticks of the ruler All Control
iedgSnapPoints Guide points (dots) are shown horizontally and vertically over the image in line with LayersSnapDist Background (Layer 0)
iedgAuto Automatically uses iedgPixelGrid, iedgGuideLines or iedgRulerGuides depending on the current view -

if DisplayGridKind is iedgAuto then the displayed grid is selected as follows:
 If zoom is greater than MinZoomDisplayGrid then iedgPixelGrid is used
 Otherwise, if rulers are visible then iedgRulerGuides is used
 Otherwise, iedgGuideLines is used

Note: For performance, it is recommended to set ImageEnView1.DoubleBuffered := True;


// Automatically show guidelines based on current view
ImageEnView1.DisplayGridKind := iedgAuto;

// Draw a grid to show pixels when we zoom above 500%
IEGlobalSettings().GridPen.Color := clSilver;
IEGlobalSettings().GridPen.Style := psSolid;
IEGlobalSettings().GridPen.Mode  := pmNot;
IEGlobalSettings().MinZoomDisplayGrid := 500;
ImageEnView1.DisplayGridKind := iedgPixelGrid;

// Enable guide lines to help line up images when manually rotating
IEGlobalSettings().GridPen.Color := clSilver;
IEGlobalSettings().GridPen.Style := psDot;
IEGlobalSettings().GridPen.Mode  := pmCopy;
IEGlobalSettings().GuidelineCount := 4;
ImageEnView1.DisplayGridKind := iedgGuideLines;

// Draw a virtual grid of 20x20 pixels to make it easier to position and align layers
ImageEnView1.LayerOptions    := ImageEnView1.LayerOptions + [ loSnapToPos ];
ImageEnView1.DoubleBuffered  := True;    // Improve draw performance
ImageEnView1.DisplayGridKind := iedgSnapPoints;
ImageEnView1.LayersSnapDist  := 20;

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