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property LayersResizeAspectRatio: TIELayersResizeAspectRatio;


Specifies whether ImageEn respects the aspect ratio of layers when resizing or creating layers.

Value Description
iearDisabled Doesn't maintain the aspect ratio even when pressing ALT or using ShiftKeyLock)
iearALTKey Maintains the aspect ratio only when pressing ALT or using ShiftKeyLock
iearAlways The aspect ratio is always maintained (using any grips)
iearAlwaysOnCornerGrip The aspect ratio is always maintained if the corner grips are used
iearLayerDefaultOnCornerGrip If the layer has a preferred aspect ratio then dragging the corner grip will maintain the aspect ratio, for side grips and other layer types the aspect ratio is not maintained

Default: iearALTKey

- ImageEn will always enforce the aspect ratio if AspectRatioLocked = true
- When creating layers it functions as if the corner grip is used


Demo  Demos\LayerEditing\StampTextAndShapes\StampLayers.dpr

See Also

- AspectRatioLocked
- PreferredAspectRatio
- RestoreAspectRatio
- ShiftKeyLock