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procedure LayersSetProperties(LayerIndex: integer; Props: TStrings); overload;
procedure LayersSetProperties(LayerIndex: integer; const PropName, Value: Variant); overload;


Sets properties of multiple layers in a batch (by calling SetProperties), including all or just selected layers.
Parameter Description
LayerIndex Index of the layer to update. Generally this will be LYR_SELECTED_LAYERS (-2) or LYR_ALL_LAYERS (-3)
Props A list of properties in Name=Value pairs
PropName A property to update
Value New value for the property

Names will be drawn from the TIELayer Property Constants. Properties can be retrieved using GetProperties.


// Rotate all layers 45 degrees
ImageEnView1.LayersSetProperties( LYR_ALL_LAYERS, IELP_Rotate, 45 );

// Set the text for all text layers (other layer types will be ignored)
ImageEnView1.LayersSetProperties( LYR_ALL_LAYERS, IELP_Text, 'Double-click to edit text' );

// Set style properties for selected layers
ss := TStringList.Create;
ss.Add( 'IELP_BorderColor=clNone' );
ss.Add( 'IELP_BorderWidth=0' );
ss.Add( 'IELP_FillColor=clYellow' );
ss.Add( 'IELP_FillColor2=clRed' );
ss.Add( 'IELP_FillGradient=1' );
LayersSetProperties( LYR_SELECTED_LAYERS, ss );

// Update all layers to use the default measurement (i.e. after a change)
ImageEnView1.LayersSetProperties( LYR_ALL_LAYERS, IELP_RulerUnits, IntToStr( ord( IEGlobalSettings().DefaultMeasureUnit )));

See Also

- SetProperties
- GetProperties