ImageEn, unit imageenview




property LegacyBitmap: Boolean;


If LegacyBitmap is True, ImageEn uses TBitmap to store images internally (via the Bitmap property). When False, TIEBitmap is used (via the IEBitmap property).
Use of TIEBitmap provides better resource and memory handling by storing images using a memory mapped file or main memory, so that very large images can be handled and image processing and IO can be performed in a multi-threaded environment. TIEBitmap also supports a larger number of pixel formats.

Generally, LegacyBitmap should be enabled when working with legacy projects where existing code should not be affected.

Default: False

Compatibility Information

Prior to ImageEn v7.0.2, ImageEn defaulted to TImageEnView.LegacyBitmap=True