ImageEn, unit imageenview




property Playing : boolean;


Set Playing to True to animate multi-frame images, such as GIF and AVI files. If PlayLoop is enabled then the animation will replay continuously.

- Playing cannot be used with streams or LoadFromURL
- Playing loads each frame on demand, which means that animations with short display times may appear jerky. You may prefer to use TImageEnMView.Playing which preloads all frames
- Tweak overall playback speed using PlaySpeed

Default False


// Animate current multi-frame file (showing each frame for 1 second)
ImageEnView1.PlaySpeed := ImageEnView1.IO.Params.ImageDelayTime / 1000;
ImageEnView1.Playing := True;

// Show PDF files as 3 seconds per page (default time for PDF is 1 second. Assumes no custom IO.Params.ImageDelayTime has been set)
ImageEnView1.PlaySpeed := 1/3;
ImageEnView1.Playing := True;

See Also

- PlaySpeed
- PlayLoop
- GIFFrameCaching