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procedure ZoomIn(FitAndFullOnly: Boolean = False; X: Integer = -1; Y: Integer = -1);


Provides a convenient method to handle clicking of a "Zoom In" button. Each time ZoomIn is called it increases the zoom by a logical step, e.g. 50 to 75, 75 to 100, etc. (FitAndFullOnly = False).
It also includes "Fit to Window" as one of the steps.
If FitAndFullOnly = True, then there are only two steps, "Fit to Window" or 100% zoom.
If X and Y are specified, then it will zoom into the specified position (in client coordinates). Zooming will be smooth if miSmoothZoom is specified for MouseInteractGeneral.

- ZoomIn will only have a temporary effect if AutoShrink or AutoStretch is enabled, unless you add iedoDisableAutoFitWhenZoom to DisplayOptions
- Use ZoomFilter to improve the quality when zooming

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