ImageEn, unit iexShellThumbnails



function WindowsGetSystemImageList(var ImageList: TImageList; IconSize : Cardinal = SHIL_SMALL) : Boolean;


Fills the ImageList with icons from a system image list.

Values of IconSize:
Item Description
SHIL_SMALL ($01) Images are Shell standard small icon size of 16x16
SHIL_LARGE ($00) Image size is normally 32x32 pixels or 48x48 pixels
SHIL_EXTRALARGE ($02) Images are the Shell standard extra-large icon size, which is typically 48x48
SHIL_JUMBO ($04) Image size is normally 256x256 pixels
SHIL_SYSSMALL ($03) Image size is specified by GetSystemMetrics called with SM_CXSMICON and GetSystemMetrics called with SM_CYSMICON

Result is false if the image list cannot be retrieved. ImageList will be created if nil.


WindowsGetSystemImageList( ImageList1, SHIL_JUMBO );

See Also

- WindowsGetFileIcon
- WindowsGetStockIcon