Sizes the layer to restore its preferred or original aspect ratio (i.e. the ratio of Height:Width).

Some layer types look best at their original aspect ratio. This is particularly true of images and some shapes.

Calling RestoreAspectRatio will resize it (reducing its display size) to display it correctly.

Namespace: HiComponents.IEvolution
Assembly: IEvolution2 (in IEvolution2.dll) Version:


 C#  Visual Basic  Visual C++ 
public void RestoreAspectRatio(
	bool preferredOnly
Public Sub RestoreAspectRatio ( _
	preferredOnly As Boolean _
void RestoreAspectRatio(
	bool preferredOnly


If PreferredOnly = True then it is only sized if it has a PreferredAspectRatio. If PreferredOnly = False and it does not have a PreferredAspectRatio then it is restored to its design size.

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