This class handles a TIFF file or stream. Allows to read/write standard and custom tags in a single or multipage TIFF.

Namespace: HiComponents.IEvolution
Assembly: IEvolution2 (in IEvolution2.dll) Version:


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public class IETIFFHandler
Public Class IETIFFHandler
public ref class IETIFFHandler


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 XNA Framework Only 

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This is the default constructor.
CopyTag(Int32, Int32, IETIFFHandler, Int32)

Copies a tag from another IETIFFHandler object (that is, from another TIFF).

Applications obtain srcTagIndex calling IETIFFHandler.FindTag.

Deletes the specified page.
DeleteTag(Int32, Int32)
Deletes the specified tag.
Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
ExchangePage(Int32, Int32)
Exchanges specified pages.
This is the default destructor.
(Overrides Object..::..Finalize()()()().)
FindTag(Int32, Int32)
Find the first occurrence of a tag (code) returning its index.
Frees TIFF data loaded write Read methods. Useful when you need to reuse the same class or want free memory immediately.
GetFloat(Int32, Int32)
Reads a float tag (first item if it is an array).
GetFloat(Int32, Int32, Int32)
Reads a float tag.
Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
(Inherited from Object.)
GetInteger(Int32, Int32)
Reads an integer tag (first item if it is an array).
GetInteger(Int32, Int32, Int32)
Reads an integer tag.
Returns the number of pages.
GetString(Int32, Int32)
Reads a string tag.
GetTagCode(Int32, Int32)
Returns the tag code (TIFF code).
GetTagDescription(Int32, Int32)
Returns a brief description (in English) of a tag code following TIFF 6 standard.
GetTagLength(Int32, Int32)
Returns the number of items contained in the tag (for example when it represents an array).
GetTagLengthInBytes(Int32, Int32)
Returns the tag length in bytes.
Returns the number of tags of specified page.
GetTagType(Int32, Int32)

Returns the tag type.

You have to use this method to choise among GetInteger, GetString and GetFloat methods.

Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
GetValueAsString(Int32, Int32)

Reads a tag as string even it is not a string.

Note: for array values only the first 100 elements are included.

Inserts a new blank page at specified index.
InsertPage(Stream, Int32)
Inserts a supported image file.
InsertPage(String, Int32)
Inserts a supported image file.
InsertPage(IEImage, Int32)
Inserts an IEImage.
InsertPage(Int32, IETIFFHandler, Int32)
Inserts a page of source handler into specified index.
InsertTIFF(Stream, Int32)
Inserts all pages of the TIFF contained in the specified stream.
InsertTIFF(String, Int32)
Inserts all pages of the specified TIFF file.

Returns true if file has little-endian byte order. Returns false when it has big-endian.

It is not possible to change byte order.

Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
MovePage(Int32, Int32)
Moves specified page to a new position.
Reads a TIFF from the stream, from current position. You have to use this method before ad or write any tag.
Opens and reads the specified TIFF file. You have to use this method before read or write any tag.
SaveTag(Int32, Int32, String)
Saves the tag data to a file.
SetFloat(Int32, Int32, Double)
Writes a floating point tag as Rational type.
SetFloat(Int32, Int32, IETagType, Double)
Writes a floating point tag.
SetInteger(Int32, Int32, Int32)
Writes an integer tag without specify the integer type.
SetInteger(Int32, Int32, IETagType, Int32)
Writes an integer tag.
SetString(Int32, Int32, String)
Writes a string tag.
SetTagCode(Int32, Int32, Int32)
Sets the TIFF code (also named tag-id). This is used to change an already existing tag-id.
SetValueAsString(Int32, Int32, IETagType, String)
Writes a generic value.
Returns a string that represents the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Returns file version. TIFF ver.6 will have $2A, while Microsoft HD Photo will have $1BC.
Writes the modified TIFF to a stream.
Writes the modified TIFF to a file.
Write(Stream, Int32)
Writes the specified page to a stream (TIFF).
Write(String, Int32)
Writes the specified page to a file (TIFF).

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