The IEGlobalSettings type exposes the following properties.





 XNA Framework Only

 .NET Compact Framework Only

Applies ColorProfile when the image is displayed. Default: True

When enabled, IEImage.PixelFormat is used as the authoritative source of bit depth, and sets SamplesPerPixel/BitsPerSample I/O parameters where they are not valid for that PixelFormat.

Default: False


Specifies which engine is used to load Camera Raw images.

Note: IECameraRawEngine.LibRaw and IECameraRawEngine.DCRaw require you to ship the IELib or IEVision DLL with your application.

Default: IECameraRawEngine.Auto (which uses IECameraRawEngine.LibRaw if DLL is available, otherwise IECameraRawEngine.WIC)

Default histogram plot scale for image processing dialog. Default: LinearClipped
Default zoom (resampling) filter for previews. Default: FastLinear
The default resampling filter is used when no filter is specified and no other default resampling filters are used, e.g. when using DoPreviews. Default: FastLinear
Used when rotating images and an anti-alias algorithm cannot be specified, e.g. when using DoPreviews(). Default: Fast

Specifies the directory where ImageEn stores temporary files. If specified as '' the default system temporary directory is used.

Default: '' (use system temp directory)

Applications should set DefTempPath inside 'initialization' block, before that the IEvolution components are created.

For IEImageList objects, you can change DefTempPath at any time, just call after the Clear method.


Enables a Color Management System. Default CMS is provided by Windows.

Default: False (no color profile is applied).

This property decides how to handle EXIF MakerNotes tag when loading or saving images. Default: DecodeOrDiscardRaw
This property sets the language for ImageEn dialogs and messages. Default: IELanguage.System
Forces ImageEn to free Twain resources when not being used. Default: False
Set to True to use an alternative drawing style for some transitions, in some cases this will improve performance on lower spec systems, but usually it is only an aesthetic change. Default: False

Sometimes the size communicated by the Twain device is bigger than the actual transfered image.

This property allows to fix this, cropping the image size to the size of the actually received image.

Default: True

When true ImageEn's dialogs will show a glyph (image) on buttons. When false the buttons only show text. Default: False
Not used. Always true.
If this is set to false, the standard Windows dialogs will be used. Default is False.

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