Manual installation

Copy "iecore.dll" (from 32 bit folder), "ievolution2.dll" and "ielib32.dll" in your assemblies directory for 32 bit applications.

Copy "iecore.dll" (from 64 bit folder), "ievolution2.dll" and "ielib64.dll" in your assemblies directory for 64 bit applications.

Click on Tools->Customize ToolBox and select ".Net Framework Components" tab. Click on "Browse.." and go to IEvolution directory, selecting IEvolution2.dll.

Now you should see IEMulti and IEViewer components.


If you have trouble with 64 bit OS (using 32 bit application), you should try this: You must copy the iecore.dll to the Window\System (not SysWOW64 and not System32).

In Visual Studio select "Tools -> Choose Toolbox Items" and on ".NET Framework Components" tab, browse "IEvolution2.dll" (you can do the same with right-click the Toolbox and select "Choose items...").

When you open the Demo Project, you must add “references” to IEvolution, and then right-click the project name and select "Properties", then "Build" tab. You must change the "Platform Target – Any CPU" to "x86".