Specifies the layer rotation angle in degrees.

It is not allowed Rotation and Resize in the same time.

To allow resize after a layer rotation, it must be maked effective, actually rotate the bitmap.

Viceversa to allow rotation after a resize, the resizing must be effective, actually resizing the bitmap.

To make effective layer rotation call IEImage.LayersFixRotations.

To make effective layer resizing call IEImage.LayersFixSizes.

Finally, multiple rotations can cause the bitmap add external, transparent, border. To remove this border call IEImage.LayersFixBorders.

When rotations are handled by IEViewer (setting EnableRotateLayers), you don't need to call LayersFixRotations, LayersFixSizes and LayersFixBorders.

Namespace: HiComponents.IEvolution
Assembly: IEvolution2 (in IEvolution2.dll) Version:


 C#  Visual Basic  Visual C++ 
public double Rotate { get; set; }
Public Property Rotate As Double
property double Rotate {
	double get ();
	void set (double value);

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