Version 10.5.0

Fixed bugs

fixed: TwainParams fails with x64

Fixed: Russian localization error

Fixed: Some display values do not round adequately

Fixed: Stretch to Page printing still maintains AR

Fixed: MaintainInvisibleImages may function incorrectly for IEMulti

Fixed: "Invalid Floating Point Operation" with some HD TIFF files

Fixed: Lower threshold for converting pixels to alpha when converting from 8bit to 1bit alpha PNG

Fixed: IEImageList.LoadSnapshot cannot load files larger than 2GB

Fixed: IEImage cleans up better after loading fails on corrupted files

Fixed: IEImage free user memory data if loading fails on corrupted files

Fixed: Issue loading J2K DICOM files with ielib

Fixed: Some DICOM display issues

Fixed: EXIF time stamps adjusted to UTC

Fixed: Floating point error in rare JPEG save situation

Fixed: Color issue loading RGB encoded JPEG images

Fixed: Correctly detects DICOM files with TIFF header

Fixed: Acquire Dialog always shows on Brother scanners

Fixed: Dicom files with 8bit JPEG Encoding (and others) can raise A/V when loading

Fixed: Invalid file can be created when saving tags only DICOM

Fixed: DPI incorrect for jpeg images with CM density units

Fixed: Difficult to select layers if background layer is selectable

Fixed: Changing FFT selection in Preview dialog does not update preview

Fixed: Time-zone is inconsistent (not UTC) when loading camera raw images with LibRaw

Fixed: Possible A/V when saving an icon with too many frames

Fixed: Invalid European characters when reading non-unicode DICOM tags

Fixed: Some issues with uncommon bitmap formats

New features, classes, methods, properties and events

Added: Support for OnImageChange and OnLayerSelectionChange

OnLayerNotify uses onLayerNotifyEx for extra events

Easier to set TIELayer FillColor to none

Added all LayerOptions

Added: IEImage.LayersShowPropertiesDialog method

Added: MeasurePath, miDblClickZoom and miAdjustBlackWhite interactions

Added: IEMouseInteract.MeasurePath, IEMouseInteract.DblClickZoom and IEMouseInteract.AdjustBlackWhite interactions

Added: IEImageList.SavePreviewDialog method

Added: IEImage.BrushShowPropertiesDialog method

Added: IELineLayer.LineCurve (IELineLayers can now be curved)

Added: Improved caching of frames by IEImage to speed up animated GIF loading

Added: Completed translation of Farsi and Serbian (mostly machine translated)

Added: Checks alpha channel is used when saving TIFF

Added: Now reads 8bit JPEG with arithmetic encoding, used in DICOM (requires IELib)

Added: Now supports more Canon CR3 files by falling back to high quality embedded JPEG

Added: Support for JPEG "Tech Note 2" encoded TIFF files

Added: Supports Unicode for Dicom string tags

Added: Improvements to editing of DICOM tags

Added: Can save DICOM to 32bit float format and read improvements

Added: Many improvements to writing of DICOM tags

Added: Improved support for Big-endian DICOM files

Added: DICOM injection now supports multi-frame files

Added: Main IEvolution forms remember their position

Added: Improved method of calculating DICOM range values

Added: Supports 1bit colored bitmaps

Changed/Deleted parameters