Version 7.5.0

Fixed bugs

Fixed: IEMulti does not auto-scroll with keyboard

Fixed: Some issues using LayersCreateFromSelection when selected layer is offset

Fixed: May not be able to apply perspective selection with CropTool (depending on lock settings)

Fixed: CropTool does not support alpha channel when using Perspective

Fixed: Small memory leak in open dialog with locked files

Fixed: Crash acquiring from Twain on some devices

Fixed: LayersCreateFromSelection clears the saved selection

Fixed: If the scrollbar visibility is changed during an update, the layout may not be correct until the next update

Fixed: Under 64bit, A/V when loading TIFF with imaging annotations

Fixed: Multiple lossless jpeg rotates causes A/V

Fixed: Wrong colors loading TIFF-Jpeg (old standard)

Fixed: Plain text Wang annotations may be corrupted

Fixed: Wrong image sizes capturing multiple pages from Twain sources

Fixed: Unfiltered resample operations affected by rounding

Fixed: Saving to PSD writes invalid layer names

Fixed: TWain SelectedSource doesn't work correctly

Fixed: AV loading some JP2K files

Fixed: PSD may be saved with invalid header

Fixed: Copying to clipboard may not include alpha channel

New features, classes, methods, properties and events

Added: RemoveIsolatedPixels now considers diagonal pixels as connected

Added: Can now specify which meta-data items to clear with IOParams.ResetInfo

Added: Does not remove ICC Profile marker when using ResetInfo (unless ierICC is included)

Added: Layer operations are supported when saving/loading to PSD (as PSD Blend Modes)

Added: IEGlobalSettings.UseLibRaw property

Added: PSD files can be saved and loaded without embedded merged images (i.e. support files saved in Photoshop with Max Compatibility turned off)

Added: Optional support for LibRaw libray to decode Raw file formats

Added: PSD, reading and writing Exif tags

Added: Optimized XMP loading

Added: IEGlobalSettings.EXIFMakerNotesHandling to decide behavior on unsupported MarkerNotes

Added: IEGloaalSettings.TransitionsDrawAlternative property

Added: IEGlobalSettings.DefaultPreviewsZoomFilter property

Added: IEGlobalSettings.DefaultResampleFilter property

Added: IEGlobalSettings.DefaultRotateAntiAlias property

Added: IEGlobalSettings.UseButtonGlyphsInDialogs property

Added: IEGlobalSettings.ReleaseTwainResources property

Added: IEGlobalSettings.TwainCropBufferedTransferedImage property

Changed/Deleted parameters

Removed: support for VFW Video For Windows (no more supported by Windows)

Notes: please remove VideoCaptureFitFreeze, VideoCaptureShowVideo, VideoCaptureSource lines from IEViewer forms manually (ie Form1.cs), otherwise you will get a compile time error

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureUnFreeze method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureStopRecord method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureSource method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureShowVideo method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureFitFreeze method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureSaveFrame method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureSourceCount method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureConfigureSource method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureConfigureFormat method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureConfigureDisplay method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureConfigureCompression method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureFreeze method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureSourceName method

Removed: IEViewer.VideoCaptureStartRecord method