Version 10.0.0

Fixed bugs

Fixed: IEImage.PasteFromClipboard fails

Fixed: Layers may not draw fully when zoomed

Fixed: Some DICOM tag reading issues

Fixed: Rotation errors caused by rounding errors with very similar numbers (can cause odd movement when rotating line layers)

Fixed: Error loading very small images with WIC

Fixed: Error loading images with WIC if DPI is invalid

Fixed: improved G3FAX1D TIFF compression compatibility

Fixed: Unable to read some PGM type P5 files

Fixed: Unable to read WBMP with sizes bigger than 255

Fixed: SkewDetectionFine hangs with invalid images

Fixed: EnableAdjustOrientation may not work with RAW images in TImageEnMView (or when getting the embedded JPEG or EXIF thumbnail)

Fixed: Scan from flatbed scanners fails when the VisibleDialog is not enabled

Fixed: Mem size shows incorrectly in file open dialog for very large files

Fixed: IEImage.ConvertToBlackWhite() only supports 24bit images

Fixed: Unable to load TIFFs with first empty IFD

Fixed: Some uncompressed DNG cause a crash with LibRaw

Fixed: IELib, Loading NEF files give Invalid Floating point error (64bit)

Fixed: Some issues with German language and dialogs

Fixed: CRW was not correctly detected

Fixed: Fix for DNG files with empty XMP

Fixed: Progress may exceed 100% loading via LibRaw

Fixed: Setting J2000_Reduce to -1 may cause error

New features, classes, methods, properties and events

Added: IEImage.SetTransparentColors overload with Tolerance parameter

Added: Support for DICOM images with Rescale info specified in Multiframe Shared functional groups

Added: Holding down the Ctrl key while dragging a layer will clone it

Added: Now reads EXIF data from more camera raw formats, like CR3

Added: Can now specify imaging engine for JPEG/PNG/JPEG2000 from Native, DLL or WIC

Added: PSD supports reading 32 bit per channel (HDR) images

Added: DICOM, support for 12 bit jpeg encoding (requires IELIB)

Added: DICOM, support for Segmented Palette Color Lookup Table

Added: support for reading 32 bit (HDR) TIFFs

Added: Can output 32bit PNG (with alpha channel) using WIC

Added: Correctly merges alpha channel when outputting via WIC

Added: WIC supports offset stream reading/writing

Added: Can now read EXIF when using WIC

Added: Improved zoom in/out steps

Added: TIFF supports -planar- 8 bit gray scale + alpha

Added: TIFF supports old-specifications LZW encoding

Added: Support for larger EXIF thumbnails

Added: IEvolution copes with PCX/DCX files with invalid DPI

Added: Alpha channel supported when pasting to rect from clipboard

Added: GPS info can be retrieved from some RAW formats that don't have accessible EXIF

Added: Rotation Grip for IEViewer CropTool

Added: Much optimized performance of IEMulti

Added: Much faster loading images with large XMP data blocks, such as PSD files

Added: IEImage.AdjustLevels method

Added: IEGlobalSettings.AutoSetBitDepth

Added: IEGlobalSettings.UseWindowsOpenSaveDialogs

Added: IEViewer.SetZoomSmooth method

Added: IEMouseInteract.ColorPicker

Added: IEMouseInteract.RetouchTool

Added: IEMouseInteract.SmoothZoom

Added: IEViewer.UserInteraction event

Added: IEImage.ImportMetaFile added withAlpha, backgroundFill and maintainAR optional parameters

Added: IEImage.AutoCrop and AutoCrop2, added doCrop. Returns crop rectangle

Changed/Deleted parameters