ImageEn, unit iexLayers




property Shape: TIEShape;


The shape displayed by the layer.
One hundred built-in shapes are available. The style of some shapes can be modified using ShapeModifier. Line curving can be set with AutoCurving.

Note: The default shape for new layers is specified by DefaultLayerShape (defaulting to iesEllipse).


Shape Item Description
iesEllipse Ellipse
iesHalfEllipse Half Ellipse
iesQuarterEllipse Quarter Ellipse
iesEllipseSegment * Ellipse Segment
iesRectangle Rectangle
iesRoundRect Round Rectangle
iesTriangle Triangle
iesCorner Corner
iesDiamond Diamond
iesPentagon Pentagon
iesHexagon Hexagon
iesHeptagon Heptagon
iesOctagon Octagon
iesCustomShape * Custom Shape
iesStar5 5-Point Star
iesStar6 6-Point Star
iesCustomStar * Custom Star
iesArrowLeft Arrow Left
iesArrowRight Arrow Right
iesArrowUp Arrow Up
iesArrowDown Arrow Down
iesArrowLeftRight Arrow Left and Right
iesArrowUpDown Arrow Up and Down
iesArrowNW Arrow NW
iesArrowNE Arrow NE
iesArrowSW Arrow SW
iesArrowSE Arrow SE
iesFatArrowLeft Fat Arrow Left
iesFatArrowRight Fat Arrow Right
iesFatArrowUp Fat Arrow Up
iesFatArrowDown Fat Arrow Down
iesShootingArrowNW Shooting Arrow NW
iesShootingArrowNE Shooting Arrow NE
iesShootingArrowSW Shooting Arrow SW
iesShootingArrowSE Shooting Arrow SE
iesLightningLeft Lightning Left
iesLightningRight Lightning Right
iesExplosion Explosion
iesCustomExplosion * Custom Explosion
iesCross Cross
iesHeart Heart
iesDoubleHeart Double Heart
iesCloud Cloud
iesMoon Moon
iesSpeechBubbleLeftInShort Left Speech Bubble In
iesSpeechBubbleLeftOutShort Left Speech Bubble Out
iesSpeechBubbleRightInShort Right Speech Bubble In
iesSpeechBubbleRightOutShort Right Speech Bubble Out
iesSpeechBubbleLeftInLong Left Caption Bubble In
iesSpeechBubbleLeftOutLong Left Caption Bubble Out
iesSpeechBubbleRightInLong Right Caption Bubble In
iesSpeechBubbleRightOutLong Right Caption Bubble Out
iesThoughtBubbleLeft Left Thought Bubble
iesThoughtBubbleRight Right Thought Bubble
iesShield Shield
iesBadge Badge
iesNamePlate Name Plate
iesFrame Frame
iesNarrowFrame Narrow Frame
iesFatFrame Fat Frame
iesCircularFrame Circular Frame
iesPinLeft Pin Left
iesPinRight Pin Right
iesMarker Marker
iesRainDrop Rain Drop
iesBanner Banner
iesFemale Female
iesMale Male
iesMusic Music
iesPower Power
iesSmile Smile
iesRainbow Rainbow
iesCandy Candy
iesSun Sun
iesBrooch Brooch
iesCog Cog
iesCog2 Cog 2
iesCustomCog * Custom Cog
iesAsterisk Asterisk
iesCustomAsterisk * Custom Asterisk
iesClover Clover
iesFlower Flower
iesFlower2 Flower 2
iesCustomFlower * Custom Flower
iesRadiance Radiance
iesCustomRadiance * Custom Radiance
iesCustomRadiance2 * Custom Radiance 2
iesSplat Splat
iesCrown Crown
iesEnvelope Envelope
iesHandPointLeft Hand Pointing Left
iesHandPointRight Hand Pointing Right
iesTagLeft Tag Left
iesTagRight Tag Right
iesTagUp Tag Up
iesTagDown Tag Down
iesTag2Left Shopping Tag Left
iesTag2Right Shopping Tag Right
iesTag2Up Shopping Tag Up
iesTag2Down Shopping Tag Down
iesChevronLeft Chevron Left
iesChevronRight Chevron Right
iesChevronUp Chevron Up
iesChevronDown Chevron Down
iesSimpleArrowLeft Simple Arrow Left
iesSimpleArrowRight Simple Arrow Right
iesSimpleArrowUp Simple Arrow Up
iesSimpleArrowDown Simple Arrow Down
iesSimpleArrowNW Simple Arrow NW
iesSimpleArrowNE Simple Arrow NE
iesSimpleArrowSW Simple Arrow SW
iesSimpleArrowSE Simple Arrow SE
iesFlag Flag
iesDinosaur Dinosaur
iesPineTree Pine Tree
iesPalmTree Palm Tree
iesBalloon Balloon
iesGladiator Gladiator
iesLink Link
* Can be modified by TIEShapeLayer.ShapeModifier


// Append a Star layer
ImageEnView1.LayersAdd( ielkShape );
TIEShapeLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer ).Shape := iesStar5;
TIEShapeLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer ).AspectRatioLocked := True;
ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer.FillColor := clRed;

// Explosion Shape
TIEShapeLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer ).Shape := iesExplosion;

// Triangle Shape
TIEShapeLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer ).Shape := iesTriangle;

// Arrow Shape
TIEShapeLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer ).Shape := iesShootingArrowSW;

// Ellipse Shape
TIEShapeLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer ).Shape := iesEllipse;

// Lightning Shape
TIEShapeLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer ).Shape := iesLightningLeft;

// Allow user to change the shape using the mouse wheel
procedure Tfmain.ImageEnView1MouseWheel(Sender: TObject; Shift: TShiftState;
    WheelDelta: Integer; MousePos: TPoint; var Handled: Boolean);
  lyr: TIEShapeLayer;
  if ( ImageEnView1.LayersCurrent > 0 ) and ( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer.Kind = ielkShape ) then
    lyr :=  TIEShapeLayer( ImageEnView1.CurrentLayer );
    if WheelDelta < 0 then
      if lyr.Shape = High( TIEShape ) then
        lyr.Shape := Low( TIEShape )
        lyr.Shape := TIEShape( ord( lyr.Shape ) + 1 );
      if lyr.Shape = Low( TIEShape ) then
        lyr.Shape := High( TIEShape )
        lyr.Shape := TIEShape( ord( lyr.Shape ) - 1 );
    Handled := True;

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