ImageEn, unit iexBitmaps



function GetAllSupportedFileExtensions(bLoadFormats, bSaveFormats : Boolean; bVideoFormats: Boolean = True) : string


Returns the extensions of all file formats that are supported by ImageEn in the format "*.jpeg;*.jpg;*.gif;...'

Parameter Description
bLoadFormats Include formats that ImageEn can load
bSaveFormats Include formats that ImageEn can save
bVideoFormats Include video formats that ImageEn supports


// Get all image and video formats that ImageEn can read
sLoadExtensions := GetAllSupportedFileExtensions( True, False, True );

// Get the image formats that ImageEn can save (not videos)
sSaveExtensions := GetAllSupportedFileExtensions( False, True, False );

// Create a file filter for JPEG, GIF and all supported files types
FilterComboBox1.Filter := 'JPEG Files|' + GetFileExtensionsOfType( ioJPEG ) + '|' +
                          'GIF Files|' + GetFileExtensionsOfType(i oGIF ) + '|' +
                          'All Images|' + GetAllSupportedFileExtensions( True, False, False )  + '|' +
                          'All Files|*.*';

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