ImageEn, unit iexBitmaps



function IEFileFormatGetInfo(FileType: TIOFileType): TIEFileFormatInfo; overload;
function IEFileFormatGetInfo(Extension: string): TIEFileFormatInfo; overload;


Returns a TIEFileFormatInfo object which contains details about the specified file format.
Either specify by FileType or file extension (e.g. '.gif' or 'gif').
Result is nil if the format is not registered.

Note: Does not support video formats: ioAVI, ioWMV, ioMPEG


// Get a suitable file extension for saving a JPEG
sExt := IEFileFormatGetInfo(ioJPEG).SuitableExtension;  // returns 'jpeg'

// Get a description of JPEG files
sFormatName := IEFileFormatGetInfo(ioJPEG).FullName;  // returns 'JPEG Image'

// Get a description of .JPEG files
sFormatName := IEFileFormatGetInfo('.JPEG').FullName;  // returns 'JPEG Image'

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