ImageEn, unit iexPlugIns



function IEAddExtIOPlugin(const FileName : string) : Integer;


Adds support for extra file formats using the ImageEn input/output plug-ins (DLL's) that can be downloaded from the Registered Users download page.
Available plug-ins allow you to load and save JBIG and other formats. All include source code if you need help to you write your own plug-ins.
Result is the FileType for the added formats, e.g. ioOtherDLLPlugIns, ioOtherDLLPlugIns + 1, etc. This can be used by methods such as LoadFromStream.
If the Plug-in is not recognized the result will be -1.

- You will need to add add iexPlugIns to your uses clause
- From v6.1.0, dcrawlib.dll is no longer used for Camera Raw format support, use ielib instead



A plugin can include more than one file format. For example, ImageMagick adds SVG, PCD, FITS and many others.
Please read license terms for each plugin downloaded from web site.

See Also

- RegisterPlugIns