Generally you should use the ImageEn installer to handle the compilation and installation of the ImageEn packages. However you can also do it manually.

Note: Before compiling ImageEn, remove any old versions:

1. In Delphi, select Component > Install Packages...

2. Remove the "ImageEn Controls" package (also "ImageEn DB Controls" if it exists)

Compiling the ImageEn Packages

1. Select Tools > Options, Library and ensure the ImageEn source files folder is listed in your "Library path". The source files will be located under the folder that you installed ImageEn, e.g.
C:\Program Files (x86)\ImageEn\Source\

2. Open and compile PKIECTRL*.DPK (where * is the version number for your Delphi/C++Builder product, e.g. DPKIECTRL27.BPL for Delphi 10.4 Sydney). The DPK file will be in a folder under the \Source\ with the name of the Delphi version

3. Open and compile DPKIECTRL*.DPK

4. Right-click the DPKIECTRL*.DPK package in the Delphi Projects pane and click "Install"

 If your source files are located under C:\Program Files (x86)\, then you may need to change the folder permissions to allow write access
 You may need to copy all of the files in the \Libs\ sub-folder to the source folder (or add the folder to your library path)
 If you encounter a compilation error, please review the FAQ item on this
 If you use the legacy ImageEn DB components, repeat step 2 for the PKIEDB*.DPK package, and steps 3-4 for the DPKIEDB*.DPK package Configuration Unit provides a number of defines to change functionality or reduce the size of your exe.

Section Description
Included Components and Classes Undefine any unrequired functionality to reduce EXE size
File Format Support Undefine any unrequired file formats to reduce EXE size
Supported Languages Manage language support (e.g. embed languages rather than using the language DLL)
Deprecated Classes Define how functionality from older versions of ImageEn is supported
Component Behavior Configure some advanced functionality within ImageEn is available in the ImageEn source folder. If you change any defines, you will need to include the source folder in your library path, or recompile the ImageEn packages.
You can test which features are available using ImageEnModules