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function PDFiumLibAvailable(RaiseExcept: Boolean = False; ExeFolderOnly: Boolean = True) : Boolean;


Checks if the PDFium DLL is available (and initializes it).
If RaiseExcept is true, an exception will occur if the DLL is not found.
If ExeFolderOnly is true, only the folder of the application EXE is checked for IEVision DLLs.

Note: You can use RegisterPlugIns as an alternative to PDFiumLibAvailable. See example below...


if not PDFiumLibAvailable( False ) then
  ShowMessage( 'PDF DLL not found! Please reinstall' );

// Which is the same as:
IEGlobalSettings().RegisterPlugIns( [iepiIEPDFium] );
if not ( iepiIEPDFium in IEGlobalSettings().ActivePlugIns ) then
  ShowMessage( 'PDF DLL not found! Please reinstall' );

See Also

- RegisterPlugIns
- DLLLoadingLog