ImageEn, unit iexBitmaps




function CopyToClipboard(IncludeImageEnFormat: Boolean = True; IncludePNGFormat: Boolean = False; DpiX: Integer = 200; DpiY: Integer = 200): Boolean;


Copy the image to the clipboard.
If IncludeImageEnFormat is True, two bitmap are saved: one in standard DIB format and one in an "ImageEn" format which preserves the pixel format and alpha channel (supported only by ImageEn).
If IncludePNGFormat is enabled, and the image contains transparency information, then a PNG copy is also added to the clipboard. When pasted into other applications the transparency will be included (though this will slow the clipboard operation and increase memory usage).

Returns False if copying fails. Typically this only happens with very large images that exceed the available memory.


// Copy image to clipboard for pasting into ImageEn-based and other applications

// Ensure transparency is supported when pasting into other applications
iebmp.CopyToClipboard( True, True );

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