ImageEn, unit iesettings




property ClipboardCopyFormats: TIEClipboardCopyFormats;


Specifies which formats are included when copying to the clipboard (in addition to the standard DIB format).

Value Description
iefImageEn Includes a native "ImageEn" format which preserves the pixel format and alpha channel (supported only by ImageEn)
iefPNG If the image contains transparency, then a PNG copy is also added to the clipboard. When pasted into other applications the transparency will be included

- A DIB format image is always included when copying to the clipboard, so excluding both iefImageEn and iefPNG is an acceptible and common usage
- Including either of these options will slow clipboard copying and increase memory usage
- This only affects copying. All formats are supported when pasting

Default: [iefImageEn]


// Fastest copying and lowest memory usage
IEGlobalSettings().ClipboardCopyFormats := [];

// Widest support (transparency supported in both ImageEn and other applications)
IEGlobalSettings().ClipboardCopyFormats := [iefImageEn, iefPNG];

// Copying with transparency support in ImageEn-based applications
IEGlobalSettings().ClipboardCopyFormats := [iefImageEn];

// Copying with transparency support in all applications
IEGlobalSettings().ClipboardCopyFormats := [iefPNG];

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