ImageEn, unit iesettings



TIEClipboardCopyFormats = set of (iefImageEn, iefPNG);


Specifies which formats are included when copying to the clipboard (in addition to the standard DIB format).

Value Description
iefImageEn Includes a native "ImageEn" format which preserves the pixel format and alpha channel (supported only by ImageEn)
iefPNG If the image contains transparency, then a PNG copy is also added to the clipboard. When pasted into other applications the transparency will be included

 A DIB format image is always included when copying to the clipboard, so excluding both iefImageEn and iefPNG is an acceptable and common usage
 Including either of these options will slow clipboard copying and increase memory usage


// Fastest copying and lowest memory usage
IEGlobalSettings().ClipboardCopyFormats := [];

// Widest support (transparency supported in both ImageEn and other applications)
IEGlobalSettings().ClipboardCopyFormats := [iefImageEn, iefPNG];

// Copying with transparency support in ImageEn-based applications
IEGlobalSettings().ClipboardCopyFormats := [iefImageEn];

// Copying with transparency support in all applications
IEGlobalSettings().ClipboardCopyFormats := [iefPNG];

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