ImageEn, unit imageenview



TIEChromaKeyOptions = class;


Options for selection of images making use of a Chroma-Key background (e.g. green screen).

These options are used:
- When calling SelectChromaKey
- When MouseInteractGeneral includes miSelectChromaKey
- When the Brush Tool is set to iebfSmartEraser

A ChromaKey image contains a solid color block that is removed so that it can be applied to a background. E.g. in the following image the key color is neon green (R=0/G=254/B=0).

Methods and Properties

Public Property  KeyColor
Public Property  Mode
Public Property  Saturation
Public Property  Tolerance


// Select subject in image with green chroma-key background
ImageEnView1.ChromaKeyOptions.KeyColor := clGreen;
ImageEnView1.ChromaKeyOptions.Mode := iecSubject;
ImageEnView1.ChromaKeyOptions.Saturation := 35;
ImageEnView1.ChromaKeyOptions.Tolerance := 0.25;

// Use Smart Eraser Brush tool
ImageEnView1.ChromaKeyOptions.Tolerance := 0.15;
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.BrushFill := iebfSmartEraser;
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral := [ miBrushTool ];