ImageEn, unit iexUserInteractions




property PaintMode: TIEPaintMode;


Specify the way the brush is applied to the image.

Type Description
iepmContinuous Clicking or dragging on image will paint the brush (with effects applied on mouse up)
iepmDiscrete Clicking or dragging on image will paint the brush immediately to cursor (lines may not be continuous and effects may overlap)
iepmStamp Clicking on image will stamp the brush. Dragging has no effect

Note: Only iepmContinuous should be used with TIERetouchToolInteraction

Default: iepmContinuous


// Enable stamping of a Snow Flake (with a transparent background)
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.BrushImage.Read( 'C:\SnowFlake.png' );
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.BrushFill  := iebfImage;
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.BrushShape := iecsRectangle;
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.PaintMode  := iepmStamp;
ImageEnView1.MouseInteractGeneral := [ miBrushTool ];

// Disable continuous cloning to improve performance (though can give choppy clone fills if mouse is moved too quickly)
ImageEnView1.CloneTool.PaintMode := iepmDiscrete;