ImageEn, unit iexDBBitmaps




procedure Rotate(idx: integer; Angle: double; AntialiasMode: TIEAntialiasMode = ierFast; BackgroundColor: TColor = clWhite);


Rotates a frame of the current image by the specified angle (negative or positive degrees counter-clockwise) and updates it in the database.

AntialiasMode specifies the anti-aliasing algorithm that is used to improve rotation quality (only used when angle is NOT 90, 180 or 270):
Value Description
ierNone No anti-aliasing (lowest quality)
ierFast Fast, but lower quality
ierBilinear Bilinear, high quality
ierBicubic Bicubic, highest quality

BackgroundColor specifies a background color to fill new regions (i.e. when not rotating at a 90 degree angle)

Note: If Mode = dmRecordFrames, this method only rotates a frame of the current image and does NOT update the database. You will need to call UpdateDatabaseImage


// Rotate the selected image in a TImageEnMView attached to a TIEDBMultiBitmap
fDBMBitmap.Rotate( ImageEnMView1.SelectedImage, -90 );

// Rotate the first frame of an image 45 clockwise at highest quality with a white background color
MBitmap.Rotate( 0, 315, ierBicubic, clWhite );

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