ImageEn, unit iexMetaHelpers



TIEDicomInclude = set of (diStandard, diChildTags, diProprietary, diDeprecated, diUnknown);


Specifies which DICOM tags are output:
Value Description
diStandard Standard Dicom tags
diChildTags Include subordinate tags (children of parent tags). This type implies diStandard
diProprietary Include tags that are not in the NEMA standard (vendor specific tags)
diDeprecated Include tags that have been retired in the NEMA standard
diUnknown Include tags even if they do not have a description


// Output all Dicom tags of an image
IEMetaListView1.DicomTags := [ diStandard, diChildTags, diProprietary, diDeprecated, diUnknown];
IEMetaListView1.AlwaysShowTypes := [ iemDicom ];
ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFile( 'C:\image.dicom' );
IEMetaListView1.Assign( ImageEnView1 );

// Export the Dicom tags of the current image to a file (exclude deprecated and unknown tags)
IEMetaListView1.DicomTags := [ diStandard, diChildTags, diProprietary ];
IEMetaListView1.AlwaysShowTypes := [ iemDicom ];
IEMetaListView1.Assign( ImageEnView1 );
IEMetaListView1.AssignTo( 'D:\DicomList.txt' );