ImageEn, unit iexProcUI




procedure ApplyEx(SaveUndo: Boolean = False; ShowProgress: Boolean = True; UseSelection: Boolean = True);


Apply the current effect (shown in the Preview ImageEnView) to the image.
This method offers further configuration than Apply:
 UseSelection: If AttachedOriginalImageEnView is selected, the effect will only be applied to the selection
 SaveUndo: The change will be saved to the Undo Stack (ignoring the AutoUndo setting
 ShowProgress: The OnProgress and OnFinishWork events will be called for the attached ImageEnView

There are three Apply methods:
 Apply: Apply the specified effect to the current image
 TIEEditControls.ApplyEx: Apply() with extra parameters (seldom used)
 ApplyTo: Apply the specified effect to another bitmap


// Apply without progress or undo
IEEditControls1.ApplyEx( False, False );

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