ImageEn, unit iexFolderTree



TIEFileListBox = class(TCustomListBox);


TIEFileListBox is a TListBox control that displays files from a folder.
It is similar to the VCL TFileListBox but includes:
 File icons (of various sizes)
 Optional file extensions
 Automatic refreshing when folder contents change
 Display of the Windows Explorer popup menu

It can be attached to a TIEFolderTree to display content of a selected folder.


IEFolderTree1.AttachedFileList := IEFileListBox1;


Demo  Demos\Other\FolderTree\FolderTree.dpr
Demo  Demos\InputOutput\BatchConvert\BatchConvert.dpr
Demo  Demos\InputOutput\EXIF\EXIF.dpr

Methods and Properties

Public Property  AutoRefresh
Published Property  ExclusionMask
Published Property  FileTypesMask
Public Method  FilenameToIndex
Public Property  Filenames
Published Property  FileTypes
Public Property  Folder
Published Property  IconSize
Published Property  MultiSelect
Published Property  PopupMenuUseSystem
Public Property  SelectedFilename
Public Method  SelectedFilenames
Published Property  ShowFileExtensions
Published Property  ShowFolders
Published Property  ShowHiddenFiles
Published Property  ShowIcons
Published Property  ShowThumbnails
Published Property  Spacing
Public Method  Update


Event  OnAutoRefresh
Event  OnImageAdd
Event  OnSelectionChange

Note: Also supports all methods and properties of TListBox