ImageEn, unit iexFolderTree



TIEFolderTree = class(TCustomTreeView);


TIEFolderTree is a TTreeView descendent that displays a Windows Explorer style folder tree.
You can attach a TImageEnMView, TImageEnFolderMView or TIEFileListBox to display folder content (i.e. files and thumbnails).

It supports:
 Dragging and dropping files from Windows
 Keyboard shortcuts for file operations, such as copy, paste, delete, etc.
 Automatic refreshing when folder contents change
 Display of the Windows Explorer popup menu
 Display of the folder tree for Zip files (If the plug-in is installed)

Folder nodes are of type TIEFolderNode.


Demo  Demos\Multi\Explorer\ExplorerDemo.dpr
Demo  Demos\Other\FolderTree\FolderTree.dpr
Demo  Demos\InputOutput\BatchConvert\BatchConvert.dpr

Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are supported if enabled (and ReadOnly = False)

Description Type Shortcut
Delete the selected folder iesDelete Delete
Rename the selected folder iesRename F2
Open parent folder iesOpenParent Backspace
Refresh folder list iesRefresh F5
Display the Folder Properties Dialog iesProperties Alt+Enter
Cut file to clipboard iesCut Ctrl+X
Copy file to clipboard iesCopy Ctrl+C
Paste file from clipboard iesPaste Ctrl+V
Display the system popup menu iesSystemMenu Shift+F10

Note: Configure or disable individual keyboard shortcuts using KeyboardShortcuts


// Create a simple explorer style application
IEFolderTree1.AutoRefresh := True;
IEFolderTree1.AttachedMView := IEFolderMView1;

Methods and Properties

Published Property  AutoDragFiles
Published Property  AutoDropFiles
Published Property  AutoRefresh
Published Property  AttachedMView
Published Property  AttachedFileList
Published Property  CheckBoxes
Published Property  DefaultFolder
Published Property  EnableKeyboardShortcuts
Published Property  FileOperationOptions
Public Property  Items
Published Property  PopupMenuUseSystem
Published Property  ReadOnly
Published Property  RootPath
Published Property  RootPidl
Published Property  RootUsePidl
Published Property  ShowErrors
Published Property  ShowIcons
Published Property  ShowIconOverlays
Published Property  Spacing
Published Property  UpdateOnExpand
Published Property  UpdateRecursive
Published Property  ViewTypes

Public Property  Selected
Public Property  SelectedFolder
Published Property  Folder
Public Method  OpenParentFolder
Public Method  SelectSpecialFolder

Public Method  DesignTimeView
Public Method  GetPathAt
Public Method  PathToNode
Public Method  SpecialFolderToNode
Public Method  Update
Public Method  UpdateNode


Event  OnAddFolder
Event  OnCheckBoxChanged
Event  OnFolderChange
Event  OnPopupMenu