ImageEn, unit iesettings




KeyboardShortcuts: TIEKeyboardShortcuts;


Specifies all keyboard shortcuts used by TImageEnView layers, TImageEnMView, TIERichEdit and memo objects.
Individual shortcuts can be customized and disabled.

Defaults are as follows:
Type Shortcut
iesLeftAlign Ctrl+L
iesCenterAlign Ctrl+E
iesRightAlign Ctrl+R
iesJustified Ctrl+J
iesCopy Ctrl+C
iesCut Ctrl+X
iesPaste Ctrl+V
iesFontSelect Ctrl+D
iesBold Ctrl+B
iesItalic Ctrl+I
iesUnderline Ctrl+U
iesBackColorSelect Ctrl+G
iesIncreaseFontSize Ctrl+Period
iesDecreaseFontSize Ctrl+Comma
iesClearFormatting Ctrl+Space
iesSelectAll Ctrl+A
iesProperties Alt+Return
iesDelete Delete
iesSendBackward Ctrl+[
iesBringForward Ctrl+]
iesEditText F2
iesIncreaseBorder Ctrl+Period
iesDecreaseBorder Ctrl+Comma
iesIncreaseCurve Alt+Up
iesDecreaseCurve Alt+Down
iesInvertAngle Alt+I
iesFind Ctrl+F
iesFindNext Shift+F4
iesReplace Ctrl+H
iesRename F2
iesRefresh F5
iesOpenParent Alt+Left
iesSystemMenu Shift+F10

 These options do not affect ImageEn Actions. Edit the shortcut in each action directly instead.
 Shortcuts for TImageEnViewToolbar/TIERichEditToolbar and be disabled by setting KeyboardShortcuts := False;

TIELayer Shortcuts

Description Type Shortcut
Move layer - Cursor Keys (Hold Shift to move faster)
Resize layer - Ctrl+Cursor Keys (Hold Shift to size faster)
Remove the current layer (Deletion can be disabled using loPreventLayerDelete) iesDelete Delete
Edit the text of the current layer iesEditText F2
Select next layer (Hold Shift to get previous) - Ctrl+Tab
Move layer forward (Hold Shift to move to very front) iesBringForwardCtrl+]
Send layer back (Hold Shift to move to very back) iesSendBackward Ctrl+]
Increase the size of the font of a text or line layer, or the border iesIncreaseFontSize Ctrl+Period
Decrease the size of the font of a text or line layer, or the border iesDecreaseFontSize Ctrl+Comma
Display the Properties Dialog iesProperties Alt+Enter
Select all layers iesSelectAll Ctrl+A
Select the font for a text or line layer iesFontSelect Ctrl+D
Toggle bold of the font of a text or line layer iesBold Ctrl+B
Toggle italics of the font of a text or line layer iesItalic Ctrl+I
Toggle underline of the font of a text or line layer iesUnderline Ctrl+U
Align text left (top) iesLeftAlign Ctrl+L (Hold Shift to align to top)
Align text center iesCenterAlign Ctrl+E (Hold Shift to to vertically center)
Align text right (top) iesRightAlign Ctrl+R (Hold Shift to align to bottom)
Justify text iesJustified Ctrl+J
Cut layer to clipboard iesCut Ctrl+X
Copy layer to clipboard iesCopy Ctrl+C
Paste layer from clipboard iesPaste Ctrl+V
Cancel text editing or line or polyline insertion - Escape
Enact text editing or polyline insertion - Enter
Invert the angle of an layer (e.g. 90 will become 270) iesInvertAngle Alt+I
Increase the curve of a line layer iesIncreaseCurve Alt+Up
Decrease the curve of a line layer iesDecreaseCurve Alt+Down
Clear the formatting from a rich formatted text layer iesClearFormatting Ctrl+Space
Increase the width of the border or line iesIncreaseBorder Ctrl+Period
Decrease the width of the border or line iesDecreaseBorder Ctrl+Comma
Select a fill color for the layer iesBackColorSelect Ctrl+G

 Disable all keyboard shortcuts for layers by removing loKeyboardShortcuts from TImageEnView.LayerOptions
 Disable other keyboard shortcuts of TImageEnView (e.g. for selection movement and interactive tools) using KeyboardShortcuts

TImageEnMView/TImageEnFolderMView Shortcuts

Description Type Shortcut Option to Enable
Navigate - Cursor Keys mkiMoveSelected
Select multiple files - Ctrl/Shift+Cursor Keys mkiMoveSelected
Select next filename starting with a letter - Numbers and letters mkiLetterNavigation
Select all files iesSelectAll Ctrl+A mkiMoveSelected
Delete the selected file * iesDelete Delete ieboEnableFileShortcuts
Rename the selected file * iesRename F2 ReadOnly
Open parent folder * iesOpenParent Alt+Left/Backspace ieboEnableFolderShortcuts
Refresh file list * iesRefresh F5 ieboEnableFolderShortcuts
Open folder/launch file (if launch option enabled in FolderInteract) * - Enter ieboEnableFolderShortcuts
Display the File Properties Dialog * iesProperties Alt+Enter ieboEnableFileShortcuts
Cut file to clipboard * iesCut Ctrl+X ieboEnableFileShortcuts
Copy file to clipboard * iesCopy Ctrl+C ieboEnableFileShortcuts
Paste file from clipboard * iesPaste Ctrl+V ieboEnableFileShortcuts
Display the system popup menu (if PopupMenuUseSystem is enabled) * iesSystemMenu Shift+F10 ieboEnableFileShortcuts
 * Only available in TImageEnFolderMView, not TImageEnMView

TIERichEdit Shortcuts

Description Type Shortcut
Cut to Clipboard iesCut Ctrl+X
Copy to Clipboard iesCopy Ctrl+C
Paste from Clipboard iesPaste Ctrl+V
Align text left iesLeftAlign Ctrl+L
Center text iesCenterAlign Ctrl+E
Align text right iesRightAlign Ctrl+R
Justify text iesJustified Ctrl+J
Apply bold formatting iesBold Ctrl+B
Apply italic formatting iesItalic Ctrl+I
Apply underline formatting iesUnderline Ctrl+U
Open the Font dialog box iesFontSelect Ctrl+D
Removes all formatting from selection iesClearFormatting Ctrl+Space
Decrease the size of the font iesDecreaseFontSize Ctrl+Comma
Increase the size of the font iesIncreaseFontSize Ctrl+Period
Show Find dialog iesFind Ctrl+F
Find Next iesFindNext Shift+F4
Show Replace dialog iesReplace Ctrl+H
Select all text iesSelectAll Ctrl+A

Note: Disable all keyboard shortcuts in TIERichEdit by setting KeyboardShortcuts := False;


// Use Ctrl+M to center text
IEGlobalSettings().KeyboardShortcuts[iesCenterAlign] := ShortCut( Word('M'), [ssCtrl] );

// Disable Select All (e.g. of layers)
IEGlobalSettings().KeyboardShortcuts[ iesSelectAll ] := 0;