ImageEn, unit iemview




property Zoom: Double;


Enlarge or reduce the size of the thumbnail display.
If a negative value is specified then Zoom will be set to give a thumbnail of that height in pixels (i.e. -22 would set the thumbnail height to 22 pixels).

- This property is only recommended for temporarily resizing the thumbnail display. Generally, it is better to set the size of the thumbnails
- By default, scrolling the mouse wheel with the Ctrl key will zoom the thumbnails. You can limit the bounds of the zoom using OnZoomIn and OnZoomOut

Default: 100.0 (33.33 for TImageEnLayerMView)


// Show thumbnails at 1/2 size
ImageEnMView1.Zoom := 50;

// Show thumbnails at 24 pixels high
ImageEnMView1.Zoom := -24;

See Also

- ThumbWidth
- ThumbHeight
- OnZoomIn
- OnZoomOut