ImageEn, unit iexFolderTree




property EnableKeyboardShortcuts: Boolean;


Allow the use of keyboard shortcuts to perform Explorer-type file operations.

Description Type Shortcut
Delete the selected folder iesDelete Delete
Rename the selected folder iesRename F2
Open parent folder iesOpenParent Backspace
Refresh folder list iesRefresh F5
Display the Folder Properties Dialog iesProperties Alt+Enter
Cut file to clipboard iesCut Ctrl+X
Copy file to clipboard iesCopy Ctrl+C
Paste file from clipboard iesPaste Ctrl+V
Display the system popup menu iesSystemMenu Shift+F10

- All shortcuts except Refresh require The ReadOnly = False
- Configure or disable individual keyboard shortcuts using KeyboardShortcuts
- Options related to file operations can be configured using FileOperationOptions
- If you use EnableKeyboardShortcuts, you should also enable AutoRefresh to ensure the content updates after changes

Default: False