ImageEn, unit iexRichEdit




property KeyboardShortcuts: Boolean;


When enabled, the following keyboard shortcuts can be used:
Description Type Shortcut
Cut to Clipboard iesCut Ctrl+X
Copy to Clipboard iesCopy Ctrl+C
Paste from Clipboard iesPaste Ctrl+V
Align text left iesLeftAlign Ctrl+L
Center text iesCenterAlign Ctrl+E
Align text right iesRightAlign Ctrl+R
Justify text iesJustified Ctrl+J
Apply bold formatting iesBold Ctrl+B
Apply italic formatting iesItalic Ctrl+I
Apply underline formatting iesUnderline Ctrl+U
Open the Font dialog box iesFontSelect Ctrl+D
Removes all formatting from selection iesClearFormatting Ctrl+Space
Decrease the size of the font iesDecreaseFontSize Ctrl+Comma
Increase the size of the font iesIncreaseFontSize Ctrl+Period
Show Find dialog iesFind Ctrl+F
Find Next iesFindNext Shift+F4
Show Replace dialog iesReplace Ctrl+H
Select all text iesSelectAll Ctrl+A
Single line spacing - Ctrl+1
Double line spacing - Ctrl+2
1.5 line spacing - Ctrl+5
Note: Configure or disable individual keyboard shortcuts using KeyboardShortcuts

Default: True

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