ImageEn, unit iexSevenZip

SevenZip PlugIn

SevenZip is an open source library that ImageEn uses to provide zip support.

When the SevenZip plug-in is installed:
- TImageEnView can load images from zip files and navigate the content of zip files (e.g. using onscreen Buttons)
- TImageEnMView can load and display the content of zip files
- TImageEnFolderMView can browse the content of zip files
- TIEFolderTree can display the folder tree within a zip file

The following features are supported:
- 256bit AES and other encrypted zip files (with automatic password prompt)
- Zip folders (or optional flat file display)
- Extraction of all or individual zip files
- Dynamic loading of thumbnails

- Download the SevenZip plug-in from:
- The plug-in must be registered once by your application
- Distributions must include the copyright notices that are included with the ImageEn SevenZip installation


Demo  Demos\Other\ZipBrowser\ZipBrowser.dpr
Demo  Demos\Multi\FolderMView\FolderMView.dpr


// Register the SevenZip Plug-In
IEGlobalSettings().RegisterPlugIns([ iepiSevenZip ]);

// Load the first file in a zip and show buttons to allow navigation
ImageEnView1.ShowButtons := [ iebtPrevious, iebtNext ];
ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFileZIP( 'C:\', 0 );

// Extract all files from a zip file to D:\Out\ (Recreating the internal zip folder structure)
ImageEnView1.IO.ExtractFromFileZIP( 'C:\', -1, 'D:\Out\', True );

// Display all files within a zip (ignoring the internal folder structure)
ImageEnMView1.FillFromZIP( 'C:\Files\' );

// Display files within the root folder of the zip
ImageEnMView1.FillFromZIP( 'C:\Files\', '\' );

// Display files within the zip folder \Holidays\Italy\
ImageEnMView1.FillFromZIP( 'C:\Files\', '\Holidays\Italy\' );

// Output all images in a ZIP file to PNG
filename := 'C:\doc.ZIP';
outputFolder := 'D:\';
bmp := TIEBitmap.Create;
bmp.ParamsEnabled := True;
idx := 0;
  bmp.Params.ImageIndex := idx;
  if bmp.Read( filename ) then
    bmp.Write( IncludeTrailingBackSlash( outputFolder ) + format( '%s_%d.png', [ ExtractFilename( filename ), idx+1 ] ));
  inc( idx );
Until idx > bmp.Params.ImageCount - 1;

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