ImageEn, unit iexFolderTree




property ViewTypes: TIEViewTypes;


Specifies which types of folders to display in the control.

Value Description
ievtVirtualFolders System folders that do not physically exist, such as the Printers folder and Control Panel
ievtHiddenFolders Folders marked as hidden
ievtKnownNetworkDrives Network drives with a navigable path
ievtUnknownNetworkDrives Network devices without a navigable path
ievtDesktopFolders Folders on the desktop, when the desktop is shown as the control root
ievtZipFiles Zip files
ievtCloudFolders The OneDrive folder
ievtDevices Connected phones and other devices
ievtOtherSystemFolders Other system folders, such as "3D Objects", the user folder, Libraries and the Control Panel

Default: [ievtVirtualFolders, ievtKnownNetworkDrives, ievtDesktopFolders]


// Show hidden folders
IEFolderTree1.ViewTypes := IEFolderTree1.ViewTypes + [ievtHiddenFolders];