ImageEn, unit iemview



type TIEImageEnMViewDefaultText = (iedtNone, iedtFilename, iedtFilenameNoExt, iedtFilePath, iedtImageDimensions, iedtImageDimAndSize, iedtFileSize, iedtFileCreateDate, iedtFileCreateDateTime, iedtFileCreateDateAndSize, iedtFileEditDate, iedtFileEditDateTime, iedtFileEditDateAndSize, iedtFileType, iedtFileExt, iedtLayerName, iedtLayerNameKind, iedtLayerNameInfo, iedtLayerDescription, iedtLayerKind, iedtLayerPosition, iedtLayerSize, iedtLayerSizeAndPos, iedtCustom)


Default values for ImageTopText, ImageInfoText and ImageBottomText:
Value Uses Field Displays Example
iedtNone   Caption will be blank, by default  
iedtFilename IEM_Filename Name of the file (without path) 'MyImage.jpg'
iedtFilenameNoExt IEM_FilenameNoExt Name of the file without its extension (or path) 'MyImage'
iedtFilePath IEM_FilePath Path of the file 'C:\Data\My Pictures\'
iedtImageDimensions IEM_ImageDimensions Dimensions and color depth of images (Nothing is shown for non-images) '1200 x 800'
iedtImageDimAndSize IEM_ImageDimAndSize Dimensions of images with the file size '1200 x 800, 3,900 KB'
iedtFileSize IEM_FileSize Size of the file on disk '3,900 KB'
iedtFileCreateDate IEM_FileCreateDate The date that the file was created (Also see: UseEXIFDateTime) '7/5/13'
iedtFileCreateDateTime IEM_FileCreateDateTime The date and time that the file was created (Also see: UseEXIFDateTime) '7/5/13 8:03am'
iedtFileCreateDateAndSize IEM_FileCreateDateAndSize The create date of the file and its size '7/5/13, 3,900 KB'
iedtFileEditDate IEM_FileEditDate The date that the file was last edited '7/5/13'
iedtFileEditDateTime IEM_FileEditDateTime The date and time that the file was last edited '7/5/13 8:03am'
iedtFileEditDateAndSize IEM_FileEditDateAndSize The last edit date of the file and its size '7/5/13, 3,900 KB'
iedtFileType IEM_FileType The ImageEn type for this file 'JPEG Image'
iedtFileExt IEM_FileExt The extension only of the file, e.g. JPEG for 'MyImage.jpeg' 'JPEG'
iedtLayerName * N/A The assigned or default name of the layer 'Layer 1'
iedtLayerNameKind * N/A The name and kind of the layer 'Layer 1: Shape'
iedtLayerNameInfo * N/A The name of the layer, plus a description of the layer 'Layer 1: Rectangle'
iedtLayerDescription * N/A A description of the layer, which depends on its type '48 pixels 45', 'Star'
iedtLayerKind * N/A The type of layer 'Shape'
iedtLayerPosition * N/A The of the layer '45,200'
iedtLayerSize * N/A The of the layer '400 x 200'
iedtLayerSizeAndPos * N/A Size, position and rotation of the layer '45,200 400 x 200 45'
iedtCustom N/A Does not output any text, but adjusts spacing to make space for text (generally this is used with OnGetText or OnGetTextEx) ''
* Should only be used with TImageEnLayerMView


// Display the filename and dimensions for each image in C:\Images
IEFolderMView1.DefaultImageInfoText := iedtImageDimensions;
IEFolderMView1.DefaultImageBottomText := iedtFilename;