ImageEn, unit iemiscplugins



TIEMiscPluginsImageMagick = class;


TIEMiscPluginsImageMagick is a wrapper around ImageMagick library allowing ImageEn to load and save many extra formats.

The plug-in adds support for: SVG, SVGZ, CALS*, FITS, PCD, BIE, CIN, EXR, DPX, JBIG, JNG, MAT, MIFF, MNG, PES*, PTIF, XCF*
And if GhostScript is available: PDF, EPDF, PS, PCL, XPS*
* Loading only, no save support

To enable the ImageMagick wrapper just call the RegisterPlugin class method once at application startup, or alternatively, IEAutoLoadIOPlugins.

Note: All formats are rasterized.

You can either download the ImageMagick plug-in from:

And unzip the files to your EXE folder (and ship them with your application).

Or ImageEn can automatically support the installed version of ImageMagick:

In order to load PDF, PS, PCL and XPS you must install the Ghostscript library:

Or download the portable version of GhostScript and add the files to your EXE folder (you may need a license to use GhostScript).

Methods and Properties

Public Method  IsAvailable
Public Method  RegisterPlugin


Demo  Demos\InputOutput\ImageMagick\ImageMagick.dpr


// Rasterize page number 5 of mybook.pdf at 200dpi
TIEMiscPluginsImageMagick.RegisterPlugin(); // call only once!
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.ImageIndex := 5;
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.Dict.Insert('PDF:Density', 200);