ImageEn, unit iexUserInteractions




property OpacityStrength: Double;


Specifies how much pen pressure will affect the opacity of the brush.
The default of 0.9 means that the brush can be opacity will be between 10% and 100% opacity. Lower values mean pen pressure does not change opacity as much, whereas larger values can cause very large brush opacity changes. Typical range 0.1 to 0.99.

reduce Transparency. If the value is 1, then 100% opacity (no transparency) is only achieved when the pen is applied with maximum pressure. Values of more than 1.0 mean that less pressure is required to achieve 100% opacity, for example, a value of 2.0 would give 100% opacity with only half pressure required. Typical range 1.0 to 2.0.

- OpacityEnabled works in tandem with Transparency, e.g. if Transparency is 128 (50% opacity) then with full pen pressure, painting will never exceed 50% opacity.
- This option is used when OpacityEnabled = enTrue or enAuto (with Ctrl key pressed)

Default: 0.9


// Pen pressure can change brush between 50% and 100% opacity
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.PenEffects.OpacityStrength := 0.5;
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.PenEffects.Transparency := 255;

// Pen pressure can change brush between 0% and 50% opacity
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.PenEffects.OpacityStrength := 1.0;
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.PenEffects.Transparency := 128;

// Pen pressure can change brush between 0% and 100% opacity
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.PenEffects.OpacityStrength := 1.0;
ImageEnView1.BrushTool.PenEffects.Transparency := 255;